Volumetric flow rate converter

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Metric system (SI)

liters per year
liters per day
liters per hour
liters per minute
liters per second
cubic metres per year
cubic metres per day
cubic metres per hour

British/American system of measures

cubic feet per year
cubic feet per day
cubic feet per hour
cubic feet per minute
British gallon per year
British gallon per day
British gallon per hour
British gallon per minute
British gallon per second
U.S. gallon per year
U.S. gallon per day
U.S. gallon per hour
U.S. gallon per minute
U.S. gallon per second
barrel (petroleum) per year
barrel (petroleum) per day
barrel (petroleum) per hour
barrel (petroleum) per minute
barrel (petroleum) per second
acre foot per year
acre foot per day
acre foot per hour
acre foot per minute
acre foot per second