Online calculator

This online calculator - easy assimilation and suitable for a broad audience of Internet users. Online calculator to calculate mathematical functions: trigonometric, matrices, logarithms, equations, and graphing. There are all the necessary functions, loads quickly and does not require installation on your PC .. He is considered at the moment one of the best services of interactive mathematical calculators. The main advantage of this online service - is to use scientific calculator from any computer or mobile device at any convenient time for you. You can use it around the clock, the main thing was to connect to the Internet. Also another good help is the fact that the service provided by this calculator is absolutely free and does not require any registration for users.

Interactive calculator is able to perform both simple and complex mathematical calculations: the extraction of roots, logarithms, trigonometric functions, percentages, matrix computation, factorials, integrals, fractions, vectors and complex numbers, solving complex mathematical formulas, equations of simple and complex systems of equations, so differential equations and their systems, and many other calculations.

It is also possible to build a variety of graphs, which is extremely convenient for quick and intuitive solutions to complex mathematical problems for engineers, students and schoolchildren.

Buttons and commands calculator

The list below shows all the keys and commands the calculator and the operations they perform.

Key Symbol Operation
pi pi The constant pi
е е The number of Euler
% % Percentage
( ) ( ) Open/Close brackets
, , Comma
sin sin(α) The sine of the angle
cos cos(β) Cosine
tan tan(y) Tangent
sinh sinh() The hyperbolic sine
cosh cosh() The hyperbolic cosine
tanh tanh() The hyperbolic tangent
sin-1 asin() Reverse sinus
cos-1 acos() inverse cosine
tan-1 atan() Reverse tangent
sinh-1 asinh() Inverse hyperbolic sine
x2 ^2 Squaring
xy ^ Exponentiation
10x 10^() Exponentiation base 10
ex exp() Exponentiation Euler number
x sqrt(x) The square root
yx sqrt(x,y) Removing the root
log log(x) Logarithm
ln ln(x) The natural logarithm
logyx log(x,y) The logarithm
mod mod Division with remainder
! ! Factorial
i / j i / j The imaginary unit (complex number)
Re Re() Highlight the entire real part
Im Im() Exception real part
|x| abs() The module number
/x arg() The argument
()3 () Vector with 3 parameters
()4 () vector with 4 parameters
Deg   Degrees
Rad   Radians
Additional functions (manually typed on the keyboard)
  ncr() The binomial coefficients
  gcd() NOD
  lcm() NOC
  sum() The total value of all decisions
  factorize() Factorization
  diff() Differentiation
  Matrix() Matrix
  Solve() The equations and systems of equations
  Plot() Plotting